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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is becoming a big deal to me...

For two weeks now, I've been teetering between the 32 and 29 pound weight loss. TWO WEEKS. I know what you're going to say... believe me.

But really, it would be so great if I could just jump back over that 32 pound total and keep running that number up, you know?

After I got sick, I thought it would take me a few days to get the ice-cream/laying-around-being-pouty weight off, but just about the time that was all coming off, I started my period again. On Sunday, my legs were so tight and swollen. BLEH! I'm still trying to drink water, but it makes me want to dry out! lol.

I got a new "routine" with my trainer last Friday after work, as well... and it's getting more intense. I begin sweating pretty much right away... and she's having me do more things each time, too... plus an extra set. So three sets of 7 exercises before my cardio instead of 2 sets of 4 exercises. WHEW! Monday night I did pretty good, I think... and even increased on one exercise already (not for the full three sets, but I tried to "burn out" on the third set on the "smith machine," not that I even know what "smith machine" means...)

My new routine:

Killer Walk - (three sets of this) - stay in a squatted position, hold a 10-pound medicine ball, and do a side step walk (about 15-17 paces long) and come back. So approx. thirty paces per set.

Balance Lunges - (again, three sets... but mine look a little different for now) - Spread feet apart like scissors - pretty far apart... so that your back foot is only leaning on your toes (like a runner would have his back foot before taking off) Front foot is flat. Now squat. Back straight. Go as far down as possible - with your back knee headed toward the ground. EEK! These really burn... and I have to do 10 on each leg at a time for now. I usually can't get thru the 3 sets. I also have to at least have my hand pressed on a side wall - or I fall over.

Smith Machine - it's basically a bench press. I'm lying back on a bench that is slightly tilted up, not flat. The bar is actually attached to the machine - it's not a free bar that wobbles around. You "unhook" it by twisting and do bench presses. 20 of them. Three sets. Right now I'm doing 10 pound weights (in addition to the weight of the bar). This was the one I "burned out" on last night. My third set was 12.5 pound weights on each side instead of 10. hehe. HEY! Don't laugh.

Straight BiCep Curl - just a short barbell, thirty pounds, bicep curl (with elbows held still pressed into my sides) - twenty of those, three times. Usually, I can do 2.5 times.

Tricep Extension - it's a pull down exercise - 40 pounds - (elbows held still, pressed into my sides) - twenty of those, three times. Usually, I can do 2.5 times.

Row - That's not the full name of it - but I can't remember. I'm seated still on a bench and my legs at straight out on foot pads - knees slightly bent. Back straight. There is a v-grip that I pull toward me. Again, twenty times, three sets. I think I do this one on 60 pounds.

Stability Ball Crunches - This one had to be modified because I'm just not ready to lay down on an exercise ball. What if it bursts? I don't think I could ever open my eyes again. I'd have to just wait until everyone left the gym, then I'd run out to my car and never come back. Seriously. So for now, we do them either on a bench or on the floor. Me? I'm doing them in my room at home. I hate being layed out like that in front of people. 20 of those, three times.

I think that's it. I don't mean like "that's all..." but just that I'm done with the list. :)

Anyway. Whew. Then I do my 30 minutes on the treadmill. I'm up to being able to stay steady pretty much the entire 30 minutes at about a 2.4-2.6 speed. I do the fat burn setting, so it moves me up and down from 3.0 to 5.5 incline for the entire 30 minutes. Hope it's working... and that this weight non-movement is from fat being replaced with muscle.

want to tell me about your gym time?


askwanda said...

You really know what you're doing...give yourself a break and give it more time. Our bodies aren't always as smart as our heads.

Cammy said...

I'm not sure how to tell you this, but you're doing a lot of the weights I'm doing now and I've been at it for A YEAR. So in my mind, you're doing GREAT! :)

Melissa said...

My routine varies. Sometimes I take a class or two a day. Sometimes I just use a treadmill and sometimes I weight train. I try to change it up so my body doesn't adapt as quickly.