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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

another tuesday

well, sadly... another Tuesday weigh-in has come. i must say, i was sure that i had gained several pounds... so it's not the shock of the gain, but I'm sad to be below the 30 pound loss line again.

29.6 pounds lost. still amazing, but anyway....

thanks for your comments on the sugar-free stuff. generally, though, that stuff makes my migraines worse. :( i can do a little Splenda in water with lime sometimes at restaurants, but in general, the fake sweeteners are hard on my head.

I'm feeling better with the cold and such now. still some coughing, but in general, much better.

however, i always have this "morning after the gym" headache. my brother, who is a "sports guy," in many ways, said that it's from not consuming enough water after my workouts. He said, "you need to be drinking water from the time you're done working out in the evening until you go to bed." Being that I'm not a good "drinker" in general (of anything... not just water - I'm sure I'm always dehydrated!), this is difficult... but I do need to be better because I hate having headaches.

anyway - how much water do you consume during the day?


Cammy said...

Oh no, we don't want to add headaches to the mix!

I hope you're feeling better today.

As far as water goes, I plead the Fifth. :) I get somewhere close to the minimum "most" days, but I still have work to do there.

Mrs darling said...

I consider 4 cups a good day! :(