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Monday, July 21, 2008

being sick stinks!

last wednesday, after being at work on Monday and Tuesday with a sick co-worker, i spent the day at work with a terrible sore throat. :(
thursday, i was out of work. :( i missed my gym time, too.
friday and saturday were alright... i did go back to the gym on saturday - then was a little sore yesterday from the movements...

but yesterday, i started feeling the sickness more in my chest.

and today, here i am at work - choking with each breath. :(

this is NOT cool for the diet... sitting around, drinking fluids (like juice, too - full of sugar and calories), eating ice cream and popsicles - just not good...



Andrew is getting fit said...

Hope you get better soon.

Cammy said...

The wonderful thing about popsicles and fudgesicles is that they sell delicious sugar-free varieties. I actually prefer them over the sugared variety, if you can imagine that!

Feel better soon!

Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon. BTW Ocean Spray makes a diet cranberry juice made with splenda that has little to no sugar and actually taste good. They also make a light that has a little more sugar (not a lot compared to regular juice...maybe 11g) that tastes a little more juicy and a little less watered down. Both are still really good though.

Melissa said...

Oh and Dreyer's makes a real fruit bar no sugar added version that is a staple in my diet to get through the hot summer. You can get a sugar free, vitamin c boost while being good.