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Monday, May 18, 2009

It's been a year...

Boy has it ever!

I'm sorry I've slacked off in my blogging. Life is crazy busy for me, as always... and now I'm addicted to Twitter (true story), so I feel like I'm never doing anything else during my down time. I've even neglected the television for weeks... I have SO many shows to catch up on. I guess I'll do that the next time our internet goes down or something. Ha.

Anyway, I plan to really formulate some thoughts and think thru this last year of my life and blog a bit about it...

Most recently, my roommate and another friend and I started South Beach. We decided we needed a little pick-me-up in our routines and "suffering" through an almost three-month plateau, then another month of barely seeing results, pushed me over the edge into doing it.

Today starts the second week for us, and we've all seen great results! I lost 6 pounds in week one! :) That's DEFINITELY a boost!

So, here I sit... one year later... and while I'm sad I'm not in the 200's yet... at least I only have one pound to go...

As of today, my total loss has been 76.8 pounds. I'm 301. I can't wait for more!

Thanks for reading... if any of you are still here! :)