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Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm in shock...

Considering that the last week included 2 missed workouts and a 4.5 day vacation with my family in the mountains, I'm actually down a little more... wow!

This vacation was so great for me, though. I rested... hot tubbed... hung out with my neices (who are cuter than any other child you've ever seen!)... etc. I hadn't shared with my family, you know, about any of my endeavors because I wanted to see if they would notice. A few comments were made, but bascially, everyone could tell.

Darn right! 43 pounds! (at the time that I went)... so this week, I tried to hit it hard when I was at the gym... I didn't want to get too far behind since I didn't eat that great on vacation (or this whole week after, for that matter... bad planning on my part is to blame) and it's my period week. :(

So anyway - that's my Friday update... how's everyone? I'm keeping up thru Bloglines, you know... sorry I'm not that faithful to comment on your notes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I cannot believe it!

I'm just so happy... I was getting really discouraged over this past month because of my "food failures" and just not really seeing a lot of change, unless it was in the positive.

So thankful to have hit 40 pounds lost! WOW!

I honestly don't know when I weighed this last... I know sometime in the last 5 years, but still... wow!

Thanks for checking in!