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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Anniversary

Two months ago last night was when my friends approached me with their concerns and promises to help and love me.

This morning, I was at a weight I haven't seen since... well, I'm not sure (remember what I said about scales and just being "not really sure how much I weigh.")


That's 4 pounds since Friday morning. Wow!

I still keep track of my weight on - although it might be good for me to go back to using that for my food, too. I still keep track of my calories, of course, but sometimes, just on a post-it by my desk. I love post-its. :)

Here's the two month report from FitDay. It shows my beginning weight from what I was on that Wednesday morning, May 14th. All the way down to today... (sometimes there are "drastic" drops because I don't put in my weight every day... just on the days I weigh.)

I honestly don't ever want to go back.


Andrew is getting fit said...

You are doing awesome!

Keep it up!

Cammy said...

As we say here in the South (and I'm not sure why), you are kickin' butt and takin' names! It's supposed to be a compliment. :)
Keep up the great work!