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Monday, September 1, 2008

i'm still here

no worries - i'm still hanging on.

i didn't even realize it had been 2 weeks since i had updated the blog until today... when i came to post my recent loss. not very much, but i'm so happy to see 340 on the scale. wow... 37 pounds lost!

it's been a crazy 2 weeks, and my eating hasn't always been the greatest, but i've been steady at the gym, so that's been good.

i go today to meet with my trainer for my monthly training. the last time i met with her (at the end of July), i got a more intense workout, and was quite fearful that i wouldn't be able to do it steadily. i've been suprised at myself, though - so while i am a little intimidated at what she might give me today, i feel sure that i can work toward doing it well.

also this week, i move from going 3 times a week to 4 times a week. i'll go mondays, tuesdays, thursday and saturdays. i hope that give me a little boost so that i can see a 40 pound loss soon. i have about 5 weeks to meet a 50 pound goal i set a while back. i'll be seeing my family for the first time since all this began, and they don't know i'm doing anything for weightloss/change. i really hope they can tell... especially if i get to the point of having a 50 pound loss. i will be so sad if they can't even tell! :o(

well, i'm going to make a grocery list so that i can go to the store after the gym, so i'm off for today... thanks for checking up on me!

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Andrew is getting fit said...

It's probably a good idea to try and check in more often. One of the signs of people falling off the wagon is abandoning their blogs!