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Saturday, August 16, 2008

a week gone

today it's been a week since my friend's had a baby... then lost him only moments later.
this was the trial i briefly shared with you in my last post.
continue to remember them in your prayers as they cling to the only true hope - Christ alone.

on the weight front... i'm down another pound.  34.8 is my total as of this morning.
i haven't had the best (not the worst either) week as far as eating goes (mostly because of the hectic week of schedule with the friends i mentioned), and i missed the gym to attend the baby's memorial/worship service (which i'm so thankful what a testimony!) - but was glad to be back in there this morning.  

i stayed steady at 3.0mph on the treadmill for about 90-95% of my 30 minutes (after my hour of weight training) so i was really proud of that.  i burned over 400 calories! (based on what the machine said...) yay!

a friend is in town for the weekend, so the food could potentially be a disaster again... eek!


Andrew is getting fit said...

This must have been an incredibly hard week. My thoughts are with you.

Cammy said...

Such a sad week. I will definitely keep your friends in my thoughts.

Congrats on the weight loss and the continued commitment. Times of stress or adversity are the worst on our diets, I think, and you made it through in good form.

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow what a difficult week. I cnat beleive you pulled off a loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with that family!