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Friday, September 26, 2008

September has been so crazy!

I am sad to say that I've gained a tiny bit. :o( In the last 2 weeks (one of which was my "time of the month," I've gained 2.6 pound.) BUMMER!

Why is it so hard to stick with it when you're so busy! I've GOT to make eating right a priority! The workouts aren't a problem. I never miss (except one day this week because of work and 1/2 of another day this week because of a class I attended at church) going to the gym and even added a day to my week starting in September.

Honestly, I can say what the trouble is... I've gotten VERY slack in the eating department. I'm not going majorly overboard (eating like I used to), but busyness has kept me from planning well and making good choices.

So, while I was ever so close to the 40 pound loss mark, I haven't made it. Yet.

I will. I know it. I'm not going to stop.

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Mrs darling said...

I finally reached the 40 pound mark 2 weeks ago. It took me forever once I was within a couple pounds of it. I think it was a mind game for me.

You go girl. You can do this.