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Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Check-In

Hi all. Thanks for checking in.

I did have a little bit of a gain this week - 1.2 pounds. :o(
I figured it was coming, though, because I've eaten terribly this week - just not made wise choices, you know?

As far as the working out goes, that's staying steady, strong, and growing in intensity... so I feel proud about that.

I met with my trainer on Monday, last week, on Labor Day - I thought that would be a good day to schedule it so that I wouldn't be temped to sit around the house all day and snack, you know? She gave me an even more intense workout for this month... and I'm "doing it" but I'm not "loving it." It's just hard, that's all... you know?

For example, the very first (of the 7) weight training exercises she's having me do each day (now 4 times a week) is a stairs exercise. It's the set of stairs you use in a step-aerobics class.... 4 stacks high. So I do that, 15 times per leg, twice. That's the first thing I do - so I'm already pouring sweat and out of breath! Each time, already, it's getting "easier," though, so that's good - I just really hate to sweat like that... gross.

Then I do other various things - flat bench press (45 (just the bar) pounds, then 50 pounds), a Romanian dead lift (sort of like a squat with weights), a cross fly exercise, a straight bar over-head bicep press, then a tricep/bicep machine... then comes cardio, of course.

On Saturday (the weather wasn't great around here... Thanks to Hurricaine Hanna), the gym was so empty. I mean, seriously... I think there were 2 people there when my friend and I got there. As the morning went on, a few more sprinkled in, but all-in-all, it was desserted. Anyway, as the mintues went by on my walk on the treadmill (I'm trying to stay around 2.5 as an average speed for the 30 minutes now - still slow, I know - but last year when I was going to the gym (very, very, very rarely)... it was tough for me to stay at at 2 for very long) I decided that I would try to "jog" a little. My friends that go with me are runners, so they do that near me while I walk. I'm not intimidated by that at all... go for it! But since no one was really around to watch my body do that running thing, I thought I would try. I couldn't believe it! I jogged!
I only did two 1-minute intervals, but my 30 minutes were almost done before I decided to do it... so I could maybe have done a couple more. My heart rate got kind of high, but I kept my breathing really slow and stopped to let my heard calm down... and it was SUPER hot in the gym that day... but otherwise, I did it okay.

I couldn't believe it!

Now, normally, the gym is pretty crowded at night when I go... so I don't know how I'll get the nerve to run tonight, but we'll see...

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm sure you could become a runner.

Have you tried Couch to 5K?

That's where I started not so long ago.