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Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh

Since I had that gain over last weekend, I've been trying to watch everyday just to make sure it was coming back off... and it was, little by little, but I wasn't updating the ticker... I knew that I was supposed to officially wait until Sunday. But today is Friday and I'm to my lowest!!!!!!

39.6 pounds lost. I'm over the "need to lose over 200 pounds" hump, too! 198.2 away. Gosh, that seems like so much! And it is... it's more than any of my friends weigh! eek!

Last night, I watched my neice for a couple of hours while her parents went to dinner with a client's family (they are all out of towners and had to meet in to my city for something happening today) and when she got in the car, I was so dumb and said, "hey... do you see how skinny I'm getting?" ha! But guess what she said... "well, i just think you look very beautiful." i almost cried. :) Of course when I brought her home, I made her repeat it to my friend and roommates. haha.

I didn't want to share this with my family yet because we'll be having a short family vacation in just over a month and I wanted to be able to say, "I've lost 50 pounds since the last time you saw me!" When my sister came and picked up my neice last night, though, she said, "Um... so how much weight have you lost?" :) I don't know if she asked because I was still nasty from the gym (ha!) or if she really noticed. I didn't want to find out... so I just said "close to 40 pounds." Little did I know, I really was that close! She smiled big and nodded. Then I said, "Don't tell mom!" happy to start my weekend like this. It's been a suberbly awful week at work!

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Mrs. Darling said...

How funny! I reached that same point this morning, 39.6 pounds lost exactly! Ive been dying to reach the 40 pound lost mark! At that point I will have 12 more pounds to lose to hit the ONE HUNDREDS! Isnt all this exciting?...well at least when its going right! LOL