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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I think it might happen today...

but we'll wait and see!

I finally got off most of that little gain there and have kicked in to gear with food a little better. Sunday (except for a friend's amazing dinner!) and yesterday were good eating days for me - and I feel confident about today's food intake. I made a meal plan for the whole week until Friday and went to the store. The only thing I bought that wasn't on my list was some hard-boiled eggs (and that's just because I forgot to put it on my list). :)

I got up, and prepared my lunch. Much easier than I thought, of course, but I had already showered and weighed in, so I was excited to go make that mamma-jamma salad.

So, 39.2. Please, Please, Please let me hit 40 today!

p.s. - Does anyone know a good recipe for a low-cal/low-fat/something healthier than Pillsbury pie crust?

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