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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Weekend

Well, I did see some loss this weekend - a tiny bit... and I'm over the first 10 pounds - which is just amazing to me... 10.8 pounds! WOW!
Granted, that's in the last 5 weeks, so it's not TOO amazing... but I'm progressing.

I was concerned that I might not have any loss... a long weekend - off work - home alone... a disaster waiting to happen, right?

Saturday was tougher than Monday with being alone. I had gone the the gym with my friend first thing on Saturday morning, and it was a great workout... but I was a hungry beast all day! I was so bummed out because I just wanted to eat all day! I made a couple of bad choices...(namely, a rice krispy treat and 2 cookies in the afternoon (not all together)), and I even had three pieces of dark Dove chocolate in the evening... ugh!

On Sunday, a few of us went to eat Mexican food. We go to this place often and I am NOTORIOUS for getting an extra side of sour cream. This time, no extra, and I only dabbed at what came on the plate... but I hadn't eaten greasy food like that in a while and I paid for it the rest of the afternoon/evening. I felt like I had a knot in my stomach... and that it remained full for the whole night.

I ended up getting to sleep in on Monday because it turns out no one could go with me to the gym - so I slept some. I never get to sleep in! I got up, still no food since about 7 p.m. on Sunday, around 10:15 and ate a string cheese stick. Dairy before the gym? DOH!

I headed off on my lone trip and got there around 11. I did my workout, though - minus a few minutes of the cardio. I normally do that on the treadmill because its comfortable, but I did try a few minutes on the eliptical. They said it would be better for my bum knee, but I thought it hurt! And the workout was much more intense than the treadmill, so that paired with some extra weights I did on my weight training made me feel okay about the few minutes I took off the final cardio.

I went on from there to the grocery store to get a few things so that I could make some low-fat crockpot meals for the week. I ended up only making one, but I'm excited to try it tonight... Italian pork chops with wheat spaghetti and green beans. Hope it's good!

I ended up not having anything to eat really until about 1:30 or 2 that day. I had the cheese stick, yes, but only water.... I just still wasn't hungry. That Mexican did me in.

We had a yummy dinner with our best friends (a couple, who just got to move in next door!) of grilled chicken, potato salad and boiled corn on the cob.... yum! I had about 1400 calories to spare, so I felt okay - but I didn't over do it.

Then, here I am. 367. 10.8 pounds less than when I decided it was official... I am going to be a bigger loser!



Cammy said...

Excellent results! I took two months to lose my first 10 lbs., so you're way ahead of me. LOL

Honestly, I don't think your Saturday splurges were horrible. Sure, not an everyday thing, but for one of *those days*, not so bad.

Have another great week!

Mrs. Darling said...

Good for you. I gained two pounds this weekend leaving me at 221 pounds. I didnt do so hot this weekend. Congrats on your monthly weight loss.

Andrew is getting fit said...

10 pound lost is great! You are doing well. Slow and steady wins the race eh.