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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've added a ticker.

I do weigh almost every day, and I know that people say not to do that... but when you have over 200 pounds to lose, those tiny miracles (like .5 here, .7 there) are what gets me motivated for the morning to make that day different!

I won't update the ticker every day... probably more like once per week. We'll see.

But, yes, you've read it correctly - 5.8 pounds lost... only 232 more to go.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? I need to lose a whole overweight person just to be at a normal weight for my height.

My goal? 140 lbs.


Scale Junkie said...

Thank you for your comment on the Healthy You Challenge, if you'd like to join the Healthy You Challenge, please read the FAQ's and email me.

If you check out my blog, you'll see that I have a lot of weight to lose too, you are not alone.

Good luck on your journey.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good luck! It is doable. One day at a time has been my motto and I'm 90 pounds down so far.

Holly said...

It doesn't sound ridiculous to want to or need to lose that amount of weight. Everyone battles some demon in their life and you should treat this no differently, you CAN do it. It IS possible. It will be hard in the beginning but so what ...just do it because you can!

ani said...

Not ridiculous at all. I started from where you were as well. It's a long road and there are bound to be bumps on the way (I've certainly had my share) but it's plenty doable and you're well on your way. Well done you! Be proud :-)

MB said...

It doesn't make any difference how much weight you have to lose. I'm sure that ticker frog will be hopping down in no time. The good part is the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off so keep the faith.

Ready to Shrink said...

Having 232 lbs to lose does not sound ridiculous. For me what was ridiculous was weighing over 400 lbs. Seeing that was enough to shock me into starting and helps me continue every day.

Cammy said...

You are off to a great start! I'm looking forward to watching your successes build!