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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Theme Song?

I'm thinking about having a theme song... something that will inspire me - knowing that these changes are slow and painful. Have any thoughts?

I think my friends are close by - and I'm so thankful for the comments I've received on here... but I really do feel alone.

I don't know anyone (well, I do, but they aren't close to me, really) who's as big as I am. How can anyone know what this is like? Sometimes I weep - Sometimes I am angered at the burden and want to fight hard...

I'm still here - it's been an off week for me since I last posted. Again - pray!
I'll update my ticker based on my weight this morning. You'll see a change. But not for the better.

1 comment:

Andrew is getting fit said...

Err...I'm still trying to work out mine!

So I'm pretty much useless.

I remember when I first seemed impossible...but it does happen. You just have to keep on day at a time.