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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i feel so sick right now!
i just don't have good knowledge about foods... well, that's not true - i have knowledge - and I have even more information right at my fingertips anytime i need it... or want it...

so i went to get a salad at applebees today - i've been craving this one for about a week now... and when the craving never went away, i decided to go ahead and get it - knowing that at least it was a salad and that if i didn't satisfy the craving somehow, i'd end up binging.

so i ate the whole thing. it was so good... then i come back to the office to record it (i'm supposed to submit food logs to my trainer for her to help assess my nutritional plan) and i looked it up online for info. 47 grams of fat. 672 calories. a dang salad! i am so frustrated!
dressing and condiments are a killer for me... i love them.
i'm not a fan of anything vinegrette based, so that's out for me... and ff dressings are just crap, usually! anyone have any options for those?

then... an hour after i've eaten... it hits me. it hasn't happened in over a week.

the chocolate monster came.

and i ate hershey's kisses with almonds.


now i'll be dining on carrots only for dinner.

i'm so mad at myself!


Cammy said...

Don't be mad! It's all a learning game.

For salad dressings, I have them served on the side and I dip just the tips of my fork in the dressing before spearing the lettuce. If I get too much on there, I dab the fork around on the salad a bit. I've found I eat less than a tsp of dressing this way, and the taste is so much better. It enhances the salad rather than overwhelm it.

Mrs. Darling said...

Have you seen the spray on salad dressings? Ten sprays are 15 calories! They really are good too.

I had a salad at Red Robin a couple of weeks ago and it was 600 calories. Luckily I checked before going. It was walnut apple chicken with lettuce. I ate the chicken and the apples and left the rest. No dressing and barely any lettuce; just enough for it to feel like a salad. I felt like I had eaten out but I hadnt blown my diet. Its all a matter of living and learning.

MB said...

Salads can be so deceiving. You think you are eating healthy but they can add so much stuff you have to be careful.

I just tried those spray salad dressings which are pretty good. I was thinking of putting my regular salad dressings in a spray bottle so I don't use too much.

Don't beat yourself up over it - just make the best decisions you can and move on.

You're doing great!