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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wakey, Wakey - Eggs and Bac-ey

It's Bac-ey instead of bakey... because it refers to bacon.

I don't even like bacon...

Anyway, today I needed to do a morning time for the gym because of my busy evening schedule. Last night was the American Idol finale and my roommates and friends were watching it together on DVR, so we ended up not getting done until around 11:15 or so. I was nervous and intimidated because I knew for sure that I would so tired in the morning and tempted not to get up. My roommate was to go with me - she's a great servant.

Anyway - as we finally both were running for our beds, I decided that there wasn't anything I could do... I had to just get to sleep as soon as possible so that I could do it. I had to do it.

I'm fairly sure that I woke up almost every hour... I was nervous that I'd not be able to get up, I suppose. Who knows?! We had to leave by 5:45 because I knew that the routine would take about an hour, give or take, and in order to be at work on time, I need to be back home shortly after 7 to shower and get ready... to be at work by 8.

My alarm went off around 5:30 and I jumped up. I honestly felt like I had never been asleep... I wasn't tired as if I had been up all night, but I wasn't groggy at all... so weird! I got ready and met my roommate in the kitchen to leave. Neither of us were talking, really.

We ended up leaving a little bit later, I guess, or maybe just getting up stairs and getting ready to begin warm-up took longer than expected. So, we were off. 5 minutes on the treadmill to warm up and then my 2nd routine of weight training set by my trainer. This one, in general, was a little easier for me. I do have one exercise with dumb bells (yes, only 5 pound weights) that kicks my BUTT - well, kicks my ARMS - but we did the training and replenished our water. We were running late because we had a little trouble finding one machine that we needed and then we couldn't find 4 5lb. weights so that she could do them at the same time as me... so we only got to do 20 of the 30 cardio minutes. We have a few machine pieces here at work, so this afternoon, I'm going to go do the other 10 on the eliptical if I can.

I do feel great. In several ways... yes, better in general because of my increase in water (from NONE... literally, I've been weeks before without water to several Nalgene fulls a day) and my movement... but also just feeling so great that the gym is over for the day!

Let's hope the afternoon doesn't bring this:

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Cammy said...

Way to go on that early exercise!

I'm wondering if your "arm killer" is the lateral raise, where you lift the weights to shoulder level and then back to your sides? That one gets me every time, and I've been doing it for a year now! LOL

Hope your momentum contiues to build!