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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crying With No Tears

So... last night was the first time I did a full set laid out for my by my trainer. My friends are doing a rotation so that someone goes with me everytime I need to go to the gym. You might notice that I didn't say "want" to go to the gym. Some days I'm there... some days I'm not.

So we met at the gym after work and I went upstairs to get started. I changed - praying the whole time - I know that God will do this! He will sustain me!

We went over to the offices to get my training folder and we began. Right away I had to really fight to be excited and just do the exercise. My friend was super excited to start and was doing some "trainer talk" that I needed to get used to. I tried not to seem annoyed... and honestly, I really wasn't annoyed... I think I was just feeling embarrased or something - so strange.

Anyway, we did 4 weight exercises that were planned for me... squats with an exercise ball (the ball is between me and a wall); a rowing exercise, a shoulder press, and one more... I can't remember the names yet. I'll take some photos one day and show you exactly the exercise I do. Sorry, none of me just yet.

The trainer set up 2 weight exercise groups for me to rotate, so I'll do the next one on Thursday morning.

Then came the cardio. There are two that I'm supposed to rotate - but do one twice per week and the other once per week - because it feels more intense... that's not the one I picked to do last night. :o)

The two to rotate on the treadmill:
30 minutes keeping my heart rate steady (at the 70% thing... 220-your age x 70%) so that I can have a conversation the whole time... make sense?

the other:
2-3 minutes of the 70% thing - then 1 minute of "go like hell." then again. until my 30 minutes are up. The trainer actually wrote "go like hell" on my paper. That was funny.
It won't be funny on Thursday morning, I can assure you - I'm afraid! She said, "I want you for that minute to only be able to give one word answers." Then I'll spend my next 2-3 minutes calming down and getting ready for the next time the 1 minute comes.

So - my friend had to leave about 15 minutes into my 30 minute cardio. I told her I would be fine and that I'd swear on the Bible that I had completed the work if she wanted me to! I meant it... she just said, "it's only yourself that you'll be cheating if you don't do it."

I kept using my mp3 player and trudged on. I tried to stay up in speed as much as I could. Once in a while, I would take 30 seconds or so to go slower and breathe a little. :o)

I got to the last 4-5 minutes and knew that this is when I really needed to have my theme song. I've had one in mind for a few days now, and I'm mostly settled on it... but until I'm sure, I'll keep that a secret. Just know, it was really helpful for me last night and it got me thru the end of the 30 minutes. They ended almost simultaneously. So cool.

So, today I'm a bit sore - especially my right arm - its the one I had the most trouble with during exercises... my left arm was pushing thru the machines and doing fine but my right arm would be shaky and less strong... so maybe that's why it hurts more... :o)

I'm thankful for all of your support! The comments are such a treat! I have them forwarded to my work email, so when they come it, I jump a little in my seat, anxious to see what you'll say...

More later!

OH! Wait! I almost forgot to tell you why I named this post what I did...
When I got back in the car, I burst out crying. That was the hardest I had ever worked out - probably ever. Seriously. And I needed to cry - and I tried. But no tears came out. It was almost comical except I really needed to cry! Maybe soon...


Mrs. Darling said...

Good for you! I havent worked out in a gym since college. I walk around my neighborhood because gums intimidate me. Im proud of you!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Trust me, going to the gym will become something you look forward to. I remember when I first started, it was so horrible and difficult. Now I love working out.

I think you are incredibly lucky to have such supportive friends. I know I had to do it by myself which is tougher in a sense.

One thing that you need to beware of is that you don't start resenting them when they 'nag' you to go the gym. There will be days when you don't want to go but you must.

It's not easy but it does get a lot better. Take it from someone who's been there done that.

You can do it!

Cammy said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great post! You've brought back memories of my first trainer visits from last year. (I, too, cried after my first workout! LOL)

Can you politely (maybe humorously) explain to your friend that the trainer talk isn't helpful? I sometimes train with a different guy, and he likes to say "Fire it up!" about a thousand times. I usually have to tell him to quit "hollering" and we both get a laugh out of it (though he tries not to).

Also, did your trainer show you some post-workout stretches you might do? That would help with the soreness. A little. :)

I wish I could tell you it gets easier, but it doesn't. It's not supposed to. :) But I do hope you will come to look forward to those workouts as much as I do!

Ready to Shrink said...


You are awesome! I am so proud of you for getting through it! :)

You are doing this LOOK AT YOU at the gym working out!

MB said...

Once you get into the routine of going to the gym it won't be so hard, well, it will be hard but so worth it. Try taking some advil for the sore muscles.