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Monday, June 23, 2008


... they are always a little scary.

But this one wasn't so bad. I did eat more "purchased" food than I did during the week, but I still had some loss.

This morning... I'm down 21 pounds! WOW!
Almost to the 10% mark.
It's been 63 days since I started trying to make changes... and 5 full weeks at the gym.

Today starts my 6th week of workouts... and I meet again with the trainer tonight. I'm a little nervous about what she's going to have me do... but I know it will be good... and I'll probably get my wish of having some soreness. I haven't been sore since the first week from any workouts I've done. I've even worked up and increased my weights on all but two weight training exercises... still no soreness! I see the results, of course, but I guess it feels like I should be walking around the next day grunting.
What's wrong with me?! :)

More tomorrow... I'll probably be sore and hate it!


Andrew is getting fit said...

Congratulations! 10% already! Wow.

You've been doing really well.

Cammy said...

(Blogger ate my first attempt to respond; hope it doesn't duplicate)

You are doing an amazing job with your program! Congratulations on your successes, both in the gym and with the scale!