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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A headstart??

Well, I've done a little better with food over the last couple of weeks. I had a weekend away with some friends for a retreat, so that was nice... but we had a lot of good food and chocolate!

I was sick some as well, so perhaps it won't stick... but 64.4 as of this morning ... hopefully I'll see 70 (or 78, so that I can be at 299!) before too long!

Keep trucking along with me... is anyone still out there?! All comments welcome!


Casey said...

I'm with ya girl! I'm so proud of you. Love you!

Pyxidragon said...

I'm with you, hon. And you're doing fine. Losing weight is a slow process if it's going to stick.

I'm proud of you & all that you've accomplished so far.

Keep it up!