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Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm in shock...

Considering that the last week included 2 missed workouts and a 4.5 day vacation with my family in the mountains, I'm actually down a little more... wow!

This vacation was so great for me, though. I rested... hot tubbed... hung out with my neices (who are cuter than any other child you've ever seen!)... etc. I hadn't shared with my family, you know, about any of my endeavors because I wanted to see if they would notice. A few comments were made, but bascially, everyone could tell.

Darn right! 43 pounds! (at the time that I went)... so this week, I tried to hit it hard when I was at the gym... I didn't want to get too far behind since I didn't eat that great on vacation (or this whole week after, for that matter... bad planning on my part is to blame) and it's my period week. :(

So anyway - that's my Friday update... how's everyone? I'm keeping up thru Bloglines, you know... sorry I'm not that faithful to comment on your notes!

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Cammy said...

It feels so great when people notice, doesn't it? I know it should be enough that WE know about our successes, but for some reason, it just feels more real when other people see it, too.

Keep up the great work!